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Tips for Managing Expectations

Through the entire startup process, keep your revenue and finances in mind. Since you won’t have investors to support you in times of need, ensure your company is always in the green. Grech said that she worried about financial responsibilities and commitments every step of the way.

“Paul and I were sure to never overextend ourselves financially,” she said. “Instead, we’d rather take on the work and increase our capacity in order to achieve what was necessary for the business to grow.”

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One of the hardest lessons Grech had to learn was to have patience. As an up-and-coming entrepreneur, you may want immediate success, but this is not a realistic expectation. Patience can allow you to see the difference between short- and long-term gains, as well as to manage your expectations.

Another important quality to attain is self-control. Grech said a high level of self-control allows you to make fewer impulsive and emotionally driven decisions. It can empower you to make decisions without fear, keeping you calm in situations of high stress, because you have the knowledge and faith that everything will work itself out in due time.

“My advice to future entrepreneurs is to just stay the course,” said Grech. “Investors help, but ultimately you are in debt to them. You can do this on your own if you believe in yourself and invest the most precious thing: time.”

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