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How Your Life Experiences Can Inspire Your Business and Help It Grow

Sonia Kang is a critical care registered nurse turned fashion designer and founder of Mixed Up Clothing, a children’s fashion brand that creates multicultural apparel. Like many businesses, Judi bola company took a financial hit due to COVID-19, but when America experienced a mask shortage, she saw a chance to help. Using her RN and fashion skills, she created cloth masks that comply with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards and are made of fabric with multicultural designs.

With the skills she gained from her previous field and her appreciation for diversity, Kang’s business has been able to thrive and help other businesses do the same. Here are three lessons from Kang’s entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Use your skills from past professions.
    From COVID-19 to the resurgence of racial tensions in America, many businesses have been forced to make changes. When Mixed Up Clothing’s business began to slow down, Kang had to let workers go, but it was New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s call to fashion designers to create masks that helped Kang keep employees and stay in business.

“I was in the unique position to be able to put on my RN hat and my fashion hat,” Kang told business.com. “I followed the CDC’s regulations, and within five hours of hearing Gov. Cuomo, I had a mask prototype in place.”

She began taking orders and made the transition from children’s clothes to tightly woven, double-ply fabric face masks. Like Kang’s clothing line, the masks use fabric inspired by several different cultures, including eclectic colors and patterns from Latin America, Korea, Japan, and Africa.

It was also important to Kang that her masks were accessible to those who were most vulnerable to the virus. Through her “Buy 1, Donate 1” deal, for every mask purchased, one was donated to a healthcare or other essential worker. Her products were also made available to migrant workers, immigrant detainees and the homeless. Although Kang is no longer a practicing nurse, she still felt that it was her purpose to keep as many people safe as she could.

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